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TenkafuMA! : Monthly Report ②

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Hello, Master! How have you been?

It's about that time again we let you in on some behind-the-scenes action.

October was the first time we started testing in earnest, and then everyone's workload, well...

Totally exploded ಥ_ಥ (especially everyone working on the UI...)

Anyway, this is a good transition into what we've changed since the testing's started.


Custom Names

Our hero, Archdemon Caesar, is currently the strongest in the 'Caesar' clan—but before he was known as 'Caesar', he actually had his own name, which we're going to let players choose for themselves.

So if you want to name yourself Julius, or get cute and name yourself Salad, you can go right ahead...

Just remember that other players will be able to see your name, too, so think twice before making it something too ridiculous.

Everybody Loves Tutorials!

Since the release is getting every closer, we've started to work on the game's tutorial. Aiko's volunteered to teach all you newbies about TenkafuMA's battle system, controls, and mechanics. Since certain things are a bit more involved than others, make sure to give you attention to Professor Aiko when the time comes!

UI Updates!

-Main Menu-

We've made some updates to TenkafuMA's main menu, adding event rewards and daily log-in rewards.

You should know that we haven't simply made a game full of cosmetic rewards and gimmicks—we want your rewards to mean something, full of items you can use in-game!

Rewards that not only help you level up characters, but also brand-new tools you can use to discipline your women. So if you want to 'get along' with your harem as best as possible, you better not miss out on any!

-Summon System-

In TenkafuMA, players get new characters through a gacha system. We originally called our gacha system the Employ system, but after testing, we realized people didn't make a connection between Employ and gacha, so we've changed the name from Employ to Summon.

We've also added new special effects depending on the rarity of the characters obtained!

They're some pretty spicy effects too. So when you get to see one, you better pat yourself on the back, sit back and enjoy!—The rarer ones are pretty hard to come by!

-Battle Achievements-

We've streamlined the design for our achievements page. We've made icons much clearer, making it easier for players to see what they've unlocked and what they still have to do, so you can better focus on taking over the world.

TenkafuMA also has a button letting you automatically create a balanced team.

That way, you can avoid going into battle with five healers like a big dumb dumb and not being able to damage your enemies.

But just in case, we've decided to implement a turn limit for each battle. If you reach the turn limit without defeating your enemies, the battle will automatically end. So, try and make sure you can actually do damage to your enemies before jumping into a fight.

We've also added more specific moves for each chapter's main boss, giving them moves that reflect their personality, and not just copying techniques that your average mobs have.

For example, the captain of the Holy Knights has a trait that makes her stronger the more she fights. When her HP gets down to a certain level, she'll start getting buffs. That makes things harder for you, but also gives you a sense of just how much the Holy Knights hate the demons!

(These techniques are still works in progress, so please forgive me if they end up changing = =;)

-Character Exploration-

We've created special icons for each job class, so it'll be easier for players to quickly assess which jobs which characters have while searching for party members.

We've added the ability for players to view character outfits in detail, since each character's clothing will change when they upgrade in rarity. That'll be something you have to see for yourself though, it's no fun if we spoil it all for you early!

By the way, you're not just allowed to look at their outfits—you'll also get to decide how much of that outfit you want them to be wearing, hey hey~

Our artists have also taken this as an opportunity to update character avatars. Check out the before and after!

Don't they look a little more refined now? Oi, it really makes me want to collect 'em all!!

-Discipline System-

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for! Discipline!

After testing, we've realized that the tool-selection menu was not very clear, and it was impossible to see how much experience you'd get when using any given tool.

Players will now be able to see just how much EXP they will get when using a certain tool. We've also added a nifty gauge to the right of the tool that lets you see your experience points going up.

With that, players will be able to make more educated selections of which tools to use in order to get the most out of their discipline sessions(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

We've also improved the Memories menu that lets players replay discipline scenes they've already completed. Before, the menu only listed the names of the scenes. Now, it also includes pictures, letting players more quickly and accurately find the specific scene they're looking for.


We've totally revamped our shop page.

In order to give players enough options so that they can purchase exactly what they need, we're offering all sorts of packs, like character experience bundles, discipline bundles, etc.

Remember, don't go nuts! Make your purchases carefully(❛◡❛✿)

So! That's what we've been up to this October!

We aim to finish the game at the end of November. After that, the official release won't be far off!

Also, we want to remind everyone about our Patreon. After the game officially releases, subscriber benefits will be changing. So grab the current ones while they're hot!

You'll get 60% off on 10x character rolls! How could you pass up on all those hot babes...

Finally, here's a look at our producers, project managers and programmers locked in a super-serious meeting! (The artists were busy with the UI and couldn't come = =). They're all working so hard to make this game the best it can be.

Alright, well, that's that! Until next time✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

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