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TenkafuMA! : Monthly Report ①

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Hello to all you archdemons out there~ There's still a while before TenkafuMA's official launch, but did you know the game has been in development for half a year already?

You may have noticed we haven't released too many in-game images. The major reason is that we're still optimizing its interface, display, and content.

All this time I've been keeping careful documentation of TenkafuMa's development, and plan to share some intel with you monthly, so that the you archdemons can start planning your strategies before launch day.

Alright, let's begin our first monthly report!


So... what should we talk about first?

Let's talk about about the creation of the game's characters!

For an H Game, character look and personality need to attract players right away. Only when characters are slutty, hot and have a great personality will players truly feel the excitement of being a playboy. If characters all looked and acted the same, we know players would lose interest pretty quickly!

That's why our developers have created a veriety of characters. Besides just focusing on their looks and attitudes, we've tried our best to diversify their background stories, races, and even their bust sizes!

Besides setting the characters' height, hairstyle, hair color, eye color, and skin color, our developers have also given each character a number of different facial expressions.

Currently the illustrators have created 40 character portraits plus their exclusive looks (different facial expressions and advanced outfits).

The illustrators have really put a lot of hard work into making each girl sexy in their own way...... ( ´・◡・`)

It feels like magic every time I see an illustrator create a character from scratch......

Characters' Exclusive H storyline!

You should know that our developers are pursuing grade A, high quality H-game goodness with TenkafuMA. Characters above R rate all have their own exclusive, fully-animated and voiced HCG~

Based on each character's personality, our writers have created exclusive H storylines for every character. Then, the illustrators' have visualized these script with exquisite H artwork.

We're not only using Spine2D animation software to present the most realistic love making possible; we're also using camera movements to guide players eyes to the important stuff.

Our team treats each HCG as it's own high quality animation—we want players to enjoy themselves to the fullest!

Currently, characters can only be obtained through the gacha system. The gatcha animation displayed really suits Archdemon Caesar's whole image. Stay tuned for a preview of the finished work~

Game Environments

TenkafuMA's takes place on a magical continent, with all in-game locations and scenes come straight from our developers' imaginations. The picture below is a blueprint of the demon realm. Besides the territories controlled by different demon armies, each showing each army's specific emblem.

A great deal of environments have been completed already. But since we don't want to spoil too much and ruin your fun, we'll only show you images from the four major demon factions. (・ω´・ )

Our team has been super excited to be able to create a world that lets their imaginations run wild!

Background content and lore will also give you all a better idea about each location's unique characteristics, so interested players should check back frequently as we reveal more and more tidbits about TenkafuMA's world!

Countless Functions!

Oi vey, now let's talk about the game's interface! It may seem boring, but we've all been working really hard to make our UI streamlined and user-friendly!

I mean, would you really want to play a game with ugly, confusing, and clunky menus? I didn't think so! The interface is super important!

So first, our developers got together and brainstormed all of the buttons and options players would need in game.

Then, our planning team took all those functions and thought up ways they'd fit nicely into a sleek, manageable menu. Afterwards, our design team took those ideas and drew them out, finally passing their art to our programmers to toil away on their computers and put everything into the game in its finished form.

The picture below is the design of our main interface. From its original concept to completion, you can see how far our team has come in simplifying and beautifying the finished product, without sacrificing any of our original plan.

See, isn't this cool? I've been thoughtful enough to record the team's hard work, and now I can turn around and share it with all you wonderful people! You can get hyped, while also learning something about game development! Win-win!

If you only ever saw the finished product, you'd have no idea all the other iterations everything went through beforehand! (((゚Д゚;)))

Making a good battle interface is, well... quite the battle!

Now let's talk about our battle interface, because it's also gone through its fair share of improvements!

Originally, after we finished designing Ver.1 of our battle interface and started to add text, we discovered that......

the screen was packed!? ლ(´•д• ̀ლ

The girls were all squished together and the screen looked pretty messy. What's more, all the nudity was super unclear!!! (I know, a tragedy...)

Since it didn't look as nice as we intended, we did a big ol' re-design, which is what we're using in the game now─rotation!

The scene looks clearer and the enemies' portraits are visible! And now you can see boobies in all their glory! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

We achieved so much in just 4 months!

The game's prototype is pretty much set, now. We'll make some optimizations and add new storylines in the future, but there won't be too many big changes to the game's systems.

Stay tuned for our next monthly report. We'll inform you about the settings we've added and optimized~

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If you sign up for a membership on our Patreon, other than getting access to paid content and closed-beta, you'll also get vouchers letting you roll for 10 characters each when the game officially releases! Basically, you're saving 60% on character pulls!