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6/2 TenkafuMA Update Preview

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Fellow Archdemons:

《Summer by the Cae-side!》Event Site: tenkafuma.com/2021summer/en/

On 6/2 (Wed.) at 03:20 (UTC), Tenkafuma will undergo maintenance, and the server will temporarily stop running. When the update is complete, we'll release another announcement.

During the update, players will be unable to log into the game. Master, please bind your account to prevent data loss.

When the update is complete, players will need to redownload and install the game. If version 1.3.0 shows up, that means the update is complete.

♥ New Content ♥

1. Added limited summer event "Summer by the Cae-side!"

◆ Main Story Event

- Event Time: 06/02/2021 (Post Update)~07/14/2021 10:00 (UTC+8)

◆ Side Story Event

- Event Time: 06/16/2021 (Post Update)~07/14/2021 10:00 (UTC+8)

◆ Limited-Time Challenge Quest

- Event Time: 06/30/2021 (Post Update)~07/14/2021 10:00 (UTC+8)

2. Added limited summer login rewards

- Available from: 06/03/2021 5:00~07/14/2021 04:59 (UTC+8)

3. Added "Summer Nana" Guaranteed Summon

-Availability: 06/16 12:00~07/14 14:00 (UTC+8)

4. Added Limited Summer Bundles:

◆ Summer Joy~ Wanna Stroll Along the Seaside with Her :hearts: : Select 1 Summer Character

-Availability: 06/02/2021 Post Update~07/14/2021 10:00 (UTC+8)

◆ Resort's Supply ~First Wave~

-Availability: 06/02/2021 Post Update~06/16/2021 10:00 (UTC+8)

◆ Resort's Supply ~Second Wave~

-Availability: 06/16/2021 10:00~06/30/2021 10:00 (UTC+8)

◆ Resort's Supply ~Third Wave~

-Availability: 06/30/2021 10:00~07/14/2021 10:00 (UTC+8)

5. Added the Dragon Boat Bundle

-Logging in to the game from 06/14/2021 05:00~06/30/2021 23:59 (UTC+8) will grant you the eligibility to purchase this bundle

6. Added new recruitable characters:

◆ Princess Chizuru

◆ Queen Daphne Bloom

7. Added new recruitable characters to Eternal Summon:

◆ Queen Daphne Bloom

♥ How to play ♥

Players can enter the event from the Events page.

1. When starting the event, there will be certain content, such as buildings, that you will have to unlock by surveying new plots of land. To get started on the event story, simply select "Go!".

2. After starting on the main event map, you can immediately watch the prologue, after which you'll get some materials you can use to survey and unlock surrounding plots of land.

3. After the material collection system opens up, we recommend you get started creating teams and sending them out on collection runs. You'll need the materials they gather to construct new buildings and survey more plots of land. When you have enough materials and certain conditions are met, you can even get certain rewards and puzzle items.

4. By constructing and upgrading your buildings, you'll be able to unlock bonuses for use during battle, as well as Resort Points. The more you upgrade your buildings, the more bonuses and points you'll get. Once a building reaches a certain level, you'll need Multipurpose Parts to unlock further levels. Multipurpose Parts can be found by playing story stages.

5. The event story is broken into four areas. An area must be completed before unlocking the next one. Unlocking areas and plots of land also requires materials (obtained from the doing collection runs). Every plot of land has its own content, such as a story or battle stage, which must be completed before surveying and unlocking the next plot of land. You should aim for surveying and unlocking the whole island!

6. On the main resort menu you'll find an option to work part-time. Work stages will unlock as you upgrade your buildings. These stages will drop Resort Points, as well as exchange items such as Nyotaimori Tickets, Beach Balls, Sexy Photos and Rubber Duckies. Resort Points and other exchange items can be exchanged for rewards, including SSR Summer Nana, Flawless Spirits, and Skill Stones.

※ Upgrading buildings and surveying land can also get you Resort Points.

7. Now, what's up with this puzzle system!? After surveying and unlocking every plot of land, a new Puzzle option will show on on the bottom-right corner of the main event menu. "Costume Coitus", for example, requires 15 pieces, which you can reveal by using specific items. Revealing puzzle pieces gets you a Summon Contract x1, and completing the whole puzzle gets you that character's Memory Essence!

※ Finishing the first area of the event unlocks Summer Nana's puzzle. Collecting materials can also get you "I'm Sweet Enough!!" pieces x2, "Water Module Test" pieces x1, and "Extreme Water Sports" pieces x1.

※ The rest of the puzzle pieces will be available in Part 2 of the event.

8. After maxing out your building levels and completing a character's puzzle, you can unlock an extra scene where that character reflects on some of their most precious summer memories~

※ Summer Nana's puzzle can be completed in Part 1 of the event.

※ Summer Shizuka, KS-VIII, and Lulu's puzzles can be completed in Part 2 of the event.

9. Special missions will appear during the event, as well, which offer unique rewards!

More details can be found in the event info page.

♥ Optimizations and Fixes ♥


1. Optimizations for the Dispatch System

◆ Optimized display for options after clicking on the "Treasure House" and "Sealed Chamber"

◆ Team effect has been changed to mission requirements in the team building page

◆ Adjusted the interface and display of the dispatch result

◆ Clicking "idle" will automatically select the previous dispatch location and edit a team according to the requirements for bonus rewards. Your team will automatically include 5 members.

◆ Clicking on a character in the team building page will allow you to view their potential level

2. After online maintenance is complete, the game will automatically return to the main menu and perform an update

3. Optimized the display of the "skip" button during story scenes.

4. Optimized the Recruitment Code interface

5. Battle settings (2x speed, auto) will be kept after the battle is over


1. Fixed the issue that occurs when confirming make-up login rewards

2. Fixed the display issue that will occur when the number of items in the bag reaches its max limit

3. Fixed a display issue when showing battle rewards

4. Fixed display of potential levels when dispatching.

5. Fixed a typo when telling players to download the new version

6. Fixed a glitch where Aiko's Ultimate Skill would have no affect when Aiko was in the 3rd slot and Summer Nana was the leader.

7. Fixed Summer Shizuka's 4-star icon.

The above is for reference. Please refer to the actual update.