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TenkafuMA September Update Preview

Fellow Archdemons:

The scorching August days are about to end, and the still-hot September is on its way. (?)

The team has planned a series of sizzling updates that will be released in mid-September!

Now, let me briefly introduce some of the content to satisfy your curiosity in advance!

1. Adjustments to Energy and Discipline Points Caps

The team will increase the maximum values of "Energy" and "Discipline Points" to provide players with a better gaming experience, aiming to reduce instances of "bursting from excessive play."

The specific adjustments are as follows:

Level 60 Energy: 120 → 150

Vip5/Vip14 Discipline Points: 38/50 → 50/62

Additionally, for players who have purchased either the "Monthly Soul Card" or the "Monthly Energy Card", you will enjoy higher "Energy" and "Discipline Points" caps throughout the duration of the card.

2. Adjustment to [Demonties] Energy Recovery Mechanism

Currently, when using "Demonties" to recover Energy, it's based on the player's maximum Energy at their current level. This sometimes causes players who haven't reached the highest level to feel that it's not really worthwhile.

Therefore, the team will adjust this feature, making the "Demontie" recovery points no longer restricted by level, but instead consistently granting "120 Energy" across all levels.

3. [Brand-new Collab Event] Coming Soon

Ohoho~ A pink whirlwind is about to sweep through Caesar's Palace, seemingly bringing new adorable companions into TenkafuMA~

To counter the pink whirlwind, both ""Angels"" and ""Demons"" within Caesar's Palace are getting restless~

That's it for this update preview!

Want to know more about the upcoming content? Keep an eye on TenkafuMA's official website and social media pages!


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