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4/12 TenkafuMA Preview Announcement

Fellow Archdemons:

TenkafuMA has been operating for 3 years now, and the team is deeply grateful for the continuous support, feedback, and suggestions from the players.

To express our gratitude to the players, the team has decided to distribute "Demonties x500 and Forbidden Fruit x15" to all players. We look forward to spending many more wonderful days with you in the future!

Starting from 2024, in order to provide players with a better gaming experience, various adjustments and optimizations will be made to features such as "Daily Missions" completion conditions, "Edit Team", and "Backpack Filtering".

The team believes that optimizing existing features is essential for maintaining the gaming experience. Therefore, we have made comprehensive adjustments, which, although taking a longer time, we hope players will notice these significant improvements.

Our team is certainly not perfect, and there may be oversights or shortcomings in specific areas. We welcome players to actively provide suggestions and feedback.

Please send your feedback to:

Now, let's talk about the optimization direction of our future plans:

Puzzle Backgrounds

Puzzles have always been one of the main collection items in the game, but once collected, there was no additional content.

Therefore, in future updates, the team will gradually implement puzzles as adjustments to the main screen background, allowing players to enjoy the matching of characters and puzzle backgrounds in their downtime and explore funner ways to enjoy the game.

Potential Development Auto Synthesis

Players are familiar with character potential, and in the later stages of synthesis, it takes a lot of time to go to the alchemy system.

Therefore, in future versions, we will develop a way for quickening alchemy to save time costs and offer a more efficient experience.

Friend and Guild Filtering

In the future recommended lists, the probability of abnormal accounts appearing will be greatly reduced.

The operation team has always believed that finding a group of like-minded companions will lead to greater achievements.

Studio and Cheating Prevention

Studios and cheating prevention have always been an essential subject for the team. In addition to strengthening regular captures, we have developed functions that can automatically judge violations. We believe that more efficient processing methods can be achieved in the future.

Guild Expedition Updates

After the first Guild Expedition, the team has learned from some unresolved difficulties. After half a year, the Guild Expedition will be held again, and it will be opened in stable cycles in the future. Please pay attention to the updates in the official announcements.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We look forward to providing a better TenkafuMA experience for all!

Best Regards,

All Staff of TenkafuMA


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