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Character Intro【The C-Files】

[Village Priestess Lelya]

Always treating others with a kind smile, she possesses great tolerance and patience and puts the concerns of her believers first and foremost.

She is the one and only Priestess Lelya.

As grand priestess, Lelya endlessly worries for her flock.

And for those confused and in pain, she would never hesitate to guide them back on the right path.

Because to her, nothing is more essential than maintenance of her followers’ happiness.

“Mwuhuhuh… My dearest little lamb, come hither to the path of bliss.”

[Agent Nana]

After receiving a strange report from a rural village, Nana prepares to head out on a confidential investigation to confirm the safety of her missing informant.

She slips into Muaila’s specially designed investigator’s outfit, grabs her newest weapon, and sets out on her

sneaky mission.

Although she is confident in her abilities as head of the Archdemon’s intelligence unit…

… what she encounters on this mission is far stranger than anything she has ever dealt with while on the job.

What mysteries await Nana…?

“Meow, speed is the name of the game. This kitty agent is going to wrap up this conundrum, then head straight home.”


andres mc
andres mc
May 06

Footjob lets gooo


Angelo van Osch
Angelo van Osch
May 06


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