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Character Intro 【Magic ☆ Pajama Party】

[Lingerie Lolita Lulu]

On a day like any other, Lulu has a sudden spark of inspiration to throw a grand pajama party in her room.

She plans a delightful evening of games, snacks, the softest of pillows, and, naturally, the cutest of pajama outfits.

Moreover, to ensure the night goes smoothly, she is sending out formal invites and makes an entire itinerary to entice Caesar's harem to partake.

Once the party starts, however, she notices things aren't going according to plan... Something is off, but why...?

"Hey, um... Wanna come and have a sleepover in my room?"

[Delusional Rival Tyrella]

With her mind set on taking down Caesar, Tyrella infiltrates her nemesis' palace, launching challenge after challenger against the Archdemon.

Though she loses against him time and time again, as a proud Magic Knight, Tyrella is not one to give up so easily!

One day, she hears her dear friend and anti-Caesar ally Lulu is planning to throw a big pajama party.

She immediately agrees to take part, of course, if only to support her cohort whenever duty calls.

Although the pajamas Lulu lent her are a little too revealing for her taste, she still tries to shake off her embarrassment and gladly wears them to stick to the theme of the party!

Tyrella is a Magical Knight, after all! Duty calls, and her beautiful friends need cheering up!

"C'mon, everybody! It's time to have some pajama funsies at Lulu's!"


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