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Character Intro 【Bunny+Snow Leopard Needed】

[Bounty Hunter Angelina]

Despite being a highly experienced bounty hunter, Angelina is partial to accepting all sorts of tasks, even if there isn’t a bounty involved.

From capturing pets to serving as a mountain guide, if there’s money being paid, she is interested.

Money is her passion, longing for that rich life where she counts money until she drops.

For this reason, Angelina accepts various commissions per day and works hard to finally reach that lifelong dream.

"Prices are supposed to reflect quality of service, so my rates are sky-high, baby."

[Sensual Bunny Lillane]

After encountering Caesar, the innocent rabbit Lillane constantly pining for love finally realizes her dream of living a life that satisfies her troublesome sexual desires.

To ease her family’s concerns, she plans to return to her hometown and report to her relatives and friends about her safe, stable life in the Archdemon Palace.

Spring is blooming once more, and this pure little lady in a new lily-white dress begins her adventurous stroll back home together with her friends.

"The spring sun is warm and the winds gentle. Wanna take a walk outside with me?"


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