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Character Intro【Explorers of the Haunted Mansion】

[Sexy Seraph Usagihime]

After a brief stint in the TenkafuMA universe, this beast hottie has returned for more fun.

This time, she's traveling these familiar lands with two companions.

Someone as sexually experienced as her will surely have lots to teach her audience. Stay tuned for her livestream this evening for some eye-popping content.

She's beautiful, she's a hot momma. She's Usagihime the Sexy Seraphim, and she's ready to party!

"Get ready~ Momma Usagihime has lots of love to give~"

[Demon Kitty Annin Miru]

Despite her consistantly embarrassing defeats against the Archdemon, Annin Miru has come back with a vengeance. She is a repectable live video game host after all.

After perfecting her roll-over technique and honing her kitty cat powers, there are no limits for Annin Miru this evening!

She's ready to join her two little friends and experience what TenkafuMA's new DLC has to offer.

An adorable and playful demon cat, Miru might snatch away her fans' hearts and donations~

Demon cat girl is coming to your dreams!

"Hehe~ With this outfit, Miru's double D's are gonna look even bigger~"

[Fair Pixie Vanilla Nyoro]

Sometimes mild-tempered, sometimes an adorable newt, but in truth, Vanilla Nyoro is a flirty Vtuber chick.

She now joins her two cohorts and enters TenkafuMA, ready to enjoy the best pleasures this immersive game has to offer.

Watch Nyoro pout her cute cheeks as she encounters interesting in-game adventures and challenges.

Tonight, there's a pink whirlwind coming to TenkafuMA Town, and it's called Vanilla Nyoro!

"As a seiso Vtuber, of course I'd crush you under my shoe. Isn't that what we're all about?"

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