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09/13 Demon Spire Season 10 Adjustments

Fellow Archdemons:

The Demon Spire is spiraling into its tenth season~

Oh man, double digits!! That's means we're gonna have to get serious = =;;

So what's that mean, disembodied internet man? Oh, I'll tell you.

We're doing SERIOUS big-boy adjustments to the stage layout, plus adding an additional THREE challenge stages.

Let me, disembodied TenkafuMA man, introduce this massive, big-boy reinvention.

1.) Stages 1-30.

We all know the spire is hard, but it might be a little TOO hard for new players, am I right?

So we're making the first 30 stages of the spire a teensy bit, well... easier, so little noobs can have a fighting chance.

Everyone should have a chance to spire some demons, right? Don't hog all the rewards for yourself!!

(Of course, don't neglect your harem. Then you can climb even higher.)

2.) Stages 31-60

Pros should recognize that every new season of the spire has hints of the past season along with new challenges.

We're keeping that similar, with stages 35, 40 and 45 being old, and 50, 55, and 60 being new.

So if you wanna beat next season, pay attention to the current one!

(Hey, when's Elizabeth gonna perv out?)

3.) New Stages 61, 62, 63

Whoa!? Three super-hard stages!? That's right! How hard are they!? I don't even know!!!

I just heard something about them being mega versions of 50, 55, and 60's bosses.

You'll have to climb the good climb and see for yourself!

4.) It's still 180 stars max

With 3 more stages, can you get 189 stars now!?

The answer is... no.

You can still get all the spire's rewards with three easy payments of 60 stars (aka 180 stars total).

Someone: "So do the final three stages not have rewards!?"

Disembodied internet man: "You'll just have to complete them and see for yourself, mehehe."~ ( •̀ ω •́ )✧"

And, if you complete all the stages you can get yourself on the season's leaderboards. Bragging rights!

So, that's how we're changing things this season.

If you really want to see what's it's all about, though, no better way than trying it yourself! Spire on!!


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