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6/6 Character Intro - Summer Iblis & Summer Saint Milae & Summer Noel & Summer Aridya

[Summer Iblis]

Even on vacation, an archdemon must keep up appearances.

As a leader, Iblis knows that no matter what she wears, she has to be the center of attention.

A swimsuit is no exception - her current one made by the top tailor in the Demon Realm, with the most expensive materials.

I mean, an archdemon's swimsuit can't be the same as your average citizen's, right?

Wait... you think it looks the same as what she usually wears? Hmph, you cretins have no taste.

"Like what you see? Maybe you should take a picture, it'll last longer."

[Summer Saint Milae]

Saint Milae used to be a great general from the Sky Realm, the pride of the angels.

But now, after being taken in and disciplined by Caesar, she's changed her ways and devoted herself to the Church of Sex.

The Tome of Sex is her new Bible, semen her holy water, dirty talk her hymns.

Now, Saint Milae's main concern is how to convert the Demon Realm's lost lambs into her disciples.

"Accept His Horniness into your loins!"

[Summer Noel]

It's a long, hot summer and the crowds are getting restless!

Gathered together under the blazing hot sun, sweat pouring down their brows... Just what could help ease the minds of these poor souls?

That's right! Everyone shout it out loud! MONOKURO~ Noel~ ♪

Parties! Wet T-shirt contests! Swimsuits! Nip slips! Summer madness!

Swimsuit contests are the true essence of summer.

Don't let the hellish temperatures get you down! Get up and dance!

The great deliverer of hopes and dreams, the starriest star of summer, Noel, is ready to take center stage!

"You only need three things to have the perfect summer! Idols, swimsuits, and skinny-dipping!"

[Summer Aridya]

It's said that an unending and unfulfillable desire for sleep is a dreameater's lifelong curse.

As such, Aridya has spent her entire life striving for better quality slumber.

She'd heard there was no better feeling during summer than dozing off on the ocean waves but had always thought it too troublesome to try for herself.

Then one day, Aridya awakes lying on an inflatable dolphin and decked in a bathing suit.

Despite a strong desire to get back to dry land, the drowsy dreameater decides to first catch a few Z's under the cool ocean breeze...

"Hngh... a bathing suit? It looks pretty much the same as what I always wear..."

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