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5/9 Character Intro - High-Ranking Demon Faya & Elven Dancer Tanocia

[High-Ranking Demon Faya]

Faya might be a high-ranking demon, but she's never acted like it.

She loathes killing, tormenting the weak, and the fact that everything seems to be decided by physical strength.

In the dog-eat-dog gauntlet that is the Demon Realm, she stuck out like a sore thumb.

More than a few demons labeled Faya a disgrace to demon-kind and even pushed for the removal of her titles.

However, Faya possesses noble demon blood and awesome power.

As such, no demon dared challenge her to her face.

Faya soon realized her way of life would never fit in with the ways of the Demon Realm, which led her to an important decision.

A few hundred years ago, she disguised herself as a human, left the Demon Realm, and began a journey that took her across the world...

"Women with big butts are better at giving birth? Ah... just what are you staring at!?"

[Elven Dancer Tanocia]

Tanocia is known far and wide as an elf born with a god-given talent for dancing.

She's able to master any form of dance and expertly combines multiple styles into mesmerizing performances.

Her skills led to her being chosen by her clanspeople to dance at sacrificial rituals as an offering to the gods.

Such dances must be performed perfectly, with not a single mistake. This wasn't a problem for someone of Tanocia's ability, but she knew it wasn't her true calling.

Her love of dance stems from the freedom and happiness it brings,

and she had a desire to share it with the world.

Late one night, Tanocia packed up her things and left,

searching for a stage where she could perform free of constraints.

"Dance has no rules or regulations. Move your body to the rhythm of the music and happiness is sure to follow!"