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1/20 TenkafuMa Update Preview

Almighty Archdemons,

On 1/20 (Wed.) at 03:20 (UTC), Tenkafuma will undergo maintenance, and the server will temporarily stop running. When the update is complete, we'll release another announcement. Please note: During the update, players will be unable to log into the game. Also, when the update is complete, players will need to redownload and install the game. If version 1.1.0 shows up, that means the update is complete.

♥ Update Content ♥

1. Multi-language version will be available on EROLABS: Android and iOS version will have Chinese, English, and Japanese language options.

-Chinese, English, and Japanese language options; Android & iOS versions

-工口.R18 version & EROLABS version use the same server; however, accounts on each platform are not connected to the other

-On 1/20, the EROLABS version will go online after the 工口.R18 version is updated. We'll release another announcement when they go online.

2. Added Japanese Voice Acting

3. Added limited bundle: Worldwide Release Bundle (Availability: 01/20/2021 After update~02/03/2021 04:00 [UTC])

4. Added new event quest

The Demon Spire (Availability: 01/20/2021 After update~ 03/17/2021 02:00 [UTC])

♥ Optimization & Fixes ♥


1. Added notifications: Notifications will be sent when conquest energy and discipline points are full, as well as when your dispatch team returns and alchemy is complete.

2. Screenshots will be added to your photo album

3. Auto-battle and speed-up battle functions can be set up independently

4. After a discipline room is complete, it will slightly increase the value of that character's ability

5. Filter added to character backpack for sorting

6. Added quest level restrictions; if the player level is 15 levels less than the suggested level or restricted level, they will be unable to enter the quest. (15 level difference can still enter the quest)


1. Auto Team function

2. When dispatching a team, if the "End" button "Dispatch again" was clicked at the same time, a report would be sent

3. When triggering multiple reactions at the same time, issues with character actions may have arisen

4. In Mom's Coming mode, the battle info pictures would display nudity

The actual content will be that which appears in the update.

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